Ar. B.K. Verma-Principal Architect (B.Arch., M.U.R.P., L.A.A. R.C.A., & Former Asst. Prof.)

The founder of Ramashraya Architect, Ar. B. K. Verma was born in Lucknow and completed his B.Arch from B.B.D.N.I.T.M. and M.U.R.P. from B.B.D.University, BBD is one of the most prestigious institutes in Lucknow. However, his career began in 2013 when he worked as apprentice with Design and Design, the leading housing firm in New Delhi. He also served as an assistant Professor in R.R. Institute of Technology & Management, Lucknow. Presently he is registered with Council Of Architecture (C.O.A.) and life time member of Lucknow Architect Association (L.A.A.).

Ramashraya Architect is Lucknow based firm which has impacted the skyline of much of the built environment of metropolitan India, with an unmistakable identifying stamp. He set up practice in 2014 with a dedication to design excellence, efficient delivery and sophistication in building technology. Today, Ramashraya Architect is the leading architectural firm in India, with efficient team members, comprising of architects, urban/town planners, interior designers, landscape artists, civil engineers, CAD operators and 3D and graphic designers. The firm has to its credit number of clients and thousands of square foot of ongoing projects in different cities in India. Ramashraya Architect’s passion is to create structures that exemplify functional and aesthetic qualities and has shaped and changed the urban built landscape of the country through provocative, unpredictable and revolutionary ideas while executing a wide range of architectural projects. His work spans the gamut of possibilities of the constructed space: bungalows, residential developments, hospitals, hotels, corporate offices, banking and financial institutions, commercial complexes, shopping malls, educational institutions, recreational and sports facilities, townships, urban planning, civic redevelopment, infrastructure projects and low cost housing. Apart from commercial construction projects, he has invested in researching and conceptualizing ways in which to positively impact the urban environment with proposals for public spaces and slum redevelopment. Ramashraya Architect has also worked on solutions for the issue of slums plaguing in the cities. His impressive practice, which has spanned over five years, is based on a core philosophy. He is a strong advocate of the vertical growth of cities, judicious land use and the need for sustainable, compact cities to maintain a perfect harmony between increasing population and limited land resources, Ramashraya Architect is passionate about social housing and his dream is to provide a house for every Indian.